For contacts abroad, the EISENHARDT┬┤S Authorized Agents (EAA) are located in Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, U.K., U.S.A. and Vietnam.

EAA Argentina
Mr. Alejandro Rulli alejandro.rulli@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Bulgaria
Mr. Vasil Vasilev vasil.vasilev@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Canada
Mr. Sapu De Silva sapu.desilva@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Cyprus
Mr. Marios Petrou globecy@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Germany
Mr. Vladimir Nuss vladimir.nuss@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Italy
Mr. Luca Tittonel luca.tittonel@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA South Africa
Mr. Fazal Saib fazal.saib@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Sweden
Mr. Mikael Werner mikael.werner@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Turkey
Mr. Serkan Ozturk serkan.ozturk@eisenhardt-trading.com.

Mr. Kobna Erran Warden eaglobal@eisenhardt-trading.com.

Mr. Warren Rutherford warren.rutherford@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EAA Vietnam
Mr. Duong To Nguyen tom.nguyen@eisenhardt-trading.com.

EISENHARDT ® is interested in securing agents and resellers with expertise in markets such as importation, exportation and international trading of commodities.

In case you operate as an intermediary and you would like EISENHARDT to make the search-offer for the solicited product/s, receive commissions/overprice from EISENHARDT as the paymaster, sign documents with EISENHARDT, receive samples service, receive support and previous performance documents and periodic market information, it is necessary your registration as a member of EISENHARDT┬┤S ® Authorized Agents (E.A.A.).

EISENHARDT ® thoroughly investigates each introduced operation to make certain that the introduced firms are respected, authentic and operational.

Intermediaries wishing for EISENHARDT ® o conduct due diligence and commence a transaction with their client, will be required to pay the EAA fees prior to the commencement of any activity with EISENHARDT ®

How Do You Become an EAA Member?

If you would like to become a member, please solicit us the EAA table with the available services and the EAA Agreement. A customer representative from EISENHARDT will review the information you have provided and may request additional information if necessary.

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