Shredded Scrap ISRI 210-211

EISENHARDT supplies shredded scrap from Germany, Holland and Spain biggest yards that are our trusted scrap yards partners.

We are able to export shredded 210-211 in bulk and in containers in big bags according with importer`s need.

The size is 50 mm - 150 mm.

The shredder has a unique 16 hammer pattern, where the grates are smaller and hammers closer together, compared to other scrap shedders. The result is that the scrap metal stays in the shredding chamber for a longer period, compared to a standard metal shredder. It is cut into much smaller pieces and the high speed cutting action scrubs almost all of paint and contaminants off the metal surfaces. Eisenhardt also manufactures an advanced magnetic separation and dust extraction system.

The ‘downstream’ plant is able to completely clean the shredded scrap due to the fact that the paint, rubber, plastic etc. has been cut into extremely small pieces and liberated from the ferrous metal surfaces.