EISENHARDT | EISENHARDT Trading has taken the initiative in combining its knowledge and experience in commerce with industry know-how, proving that Trading is possible on the Net because of the following characteristics:

Custom Built EAA is designed by industry experts with extensive experience in the trading business in order to address the needs of the industry.

Patent Pending Features As a result of substantial industry expertise in design of the system, EISENHARDT offers numerous trading features which are unique and currently under patent review.

Updated Price Reports, Detailed Sector News EISENHARDT ® provides critical trading information such as price reports and headline news which affect your updated trading. The industry and product focus allows for content that is tailored to your needs.

Asset to your Current Trading EISENHARDT ® allows you the freedom to experience a new way of trading without giving up your present mode of doing business. You are provided with extensive market intelligence and a user-friendly, efficient and powerful trade environment.

Secure EISENHARDT ® provides a secure trading environment which strictly complies with your privacy requirements.

Background EISENHARDT ® has 39 years of experience, 8 international awards and more than 40 EAAs members worldwide, including leading companies in the international commerce.

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