EISENHARDT ® exports the products from Argentina and resells the foreign commodities. We have secured access to the biggest and well-known stockers, cooperatives and exporters for our products.

We have been exporting commodities since 1977 to Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam.

For the agro commodities sources, our regional coverage not only includes Argentina as core market but also Brazil and Paraguay. For the secure supply of the foreign commodities we trade, Eisenhardt has Commercial Agreements to guarantee the continuous supply of Cereals, Crude Oil and Fuels, Edible Oils, Grains, Fertilizers, Irons, Scraps and Reciclable materials, Steels and Sugars.

On the industrial area, EISENHARDT ® supplies iron ore from Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Peru; cement from Egypt, Turkey and USA, copper from Chile and India (Eisenhardt represents top producer in India worldwide); steel products from Argentina, Belgium and Turkey; crude oil, fuel products and petroleum derivates from our verified bonafided sources in Europe; biofuels and derivates from Paraguay and Malaysia; fertilizers from Germany; scraps and steel scraps mainly from North/South America and Central Europe.

We operate in the following way: when an end buyer or importer solicits us for a specific product, we make the pertinent search and location to make an offer based on the quantity found available. To know the sale-purchase procedure and initiate the purchase, please visit our Purchase Section.

In order to demonstrate our experience and reliability of our offers, the past performance documents such as past Bill of Ladings and inspection certificates are available for that interested end buyer. In the Shipments section you can find some of our shipments for your references.

Also we can supply samples of the marked * commodities at buyer`s expenses. From this link you can download the form to be completed by importer Sample Request Form

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