Message from our CEO:

`Heart and core of Iron.

The german translation of our family name, EISENHARDT, means `Hard Iron` which identifies ourselves. The origin and etymology of our family lineage cames from a foundry tradition forged by centuries of ideas, hard work, passion and commitment.

EISENHARDT family started on 1977 on construction and demolition business in Argentina. Associated with demolition came the paralell recycling business of ferrous, non-ferrous and lately WEEEs that we export worldwide.

In EISENHARDT we believed and believe that viable profitability, inclusive growth and working for the benefit of the environment are central business factors for future competitiveness. The private initiative can be determinant for a sustainable development, as sustainability is a requirement for companies to be viable.

The greatest influence that EISENHARDT can have is on the cross between recyclable materials, resources and the environment. At the core of our participation is the development of a sustainable economy. We want to improve the quality of life and at the same time mitigate emissions and consequences for the environment that will be the home of our future generations.

Our experience fosters a global attitude and commitment. EISENHARDT`s approach is to create value for all interested parties, including society in general.`



Art of Business = Verification + Connections + Ideas

E ® = REuse + REduce + REcycle


EISENHARDT is an experienced producer and processor of ferrous, non-ferrous and WEEE. This fosters a global attitude and commitment. We follow closely the issues related to the circular and sustainable economies and the links with pollution, climate, use of resources and environmental problems in our main activities and Research and Development globally, but also with our partners.

Operating since 1977, EISENHARDT ® is an experienced scrap recycler with 3 scrap yards in San Nicolas, Mendoza and Paraguay, EISENHARDT Construction and our stainless steel producer

The visits to our facilities and yards are welcome.

EISENHARDT ® exports scrap metals and trading commodities to the international market with 8 Awards won and exportations done to the 5 continents. Our markets are Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.

EISENHARDT ® group of companies operates with BBVA, Banco Santander Rio and Banco Continental that assist us with the shipping documentations with the Importer`s bank.

EISENHARDT does not pay membership services like BIR, D&B and others in order to support and emboost our background. Our experience, knownledge and assets are the results of passioned work and ethic.

As regarding EISENHARDT Construction is a multinational and experienced contruction company operating since 1977. The website is EISENHARDT Construction has given services to Mitsubishi Corp. and is an authorized supplier of CITIGROUP ® and others bonafided groups with more than 1,000 successfully concluded projects.

For your references, we are pleased to invite you to visit our Client`s section at Major Clients | References

Our goal and compromise is based on agreed commitments in order to share long term business relationships with our valued clients.

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