Julian InsuaCEOGermany
Vera EisenhardtFounderGermany
Raul Alvarez I.VP / RRPPArgentina
Noelia M. OrozcoExport ManagerArgentina

EISENHARDT® is an experienced Construction company and Scrap Yard with remarkable trajectory, focused on Construction business and International commerce since 1977. With 40 years of experience and remarkable trajectory, shipments done to the 5 continents, 8 Internationals Awards won and more than 40 EA Agents world wide who represent EISENHARDT®.

Exporting scrap metals and commodities since 1977 to Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam. EISENHARDT ® group of companies operates with BBVA Bank, HSBC Bank, Banco Rio Santander, Banco Macro and Banco Comafi that assist us with the shipping documentations with the Importer`s bank.

EISENHARDT | Saneamiento S.A., is a multinational and experienced enterprise involved in the construction business. The website is EISENHARDT Engineering has given services to Mitsubishi Corp. and other Majors with more than 1,000 projects successfully concluded.

In the search of expanding to the World Market, our investigation has lead us to certain strategic products that we trade from Argentina and the World. We are specialized mainly in Scrap metals and Recycable materials, Bio Fuels, Oils, Bio Fertilizers, Grains/Cereals and Refused Derived Fuel.

EISENHARDT ® exports the products from Argentina and resells foreign commodities. We have secured access to the biggest and well-known stockers, cooperatives and exporters for our products. Our regional coverage not only includes Argentina as core market but also Brazil and Paraguay for the agro commodities sources.

For the secure supply of the foreign commodities we trade, EISENHARDT ® has Commercial Agreements to guarantee the continuous supply of Cereals/Grains, Crude Oil, Bio Fuels, Oils, RDF, Bio Fertilizers, Irons, Scraps and Reciclable materials, Steels and Sugars.

Our goal and compromise is based on the commitment agreed with our client in order to share a long term and Prosperous commercial relationship.

Art of business = Verifications + Connections + Ideas.

Vera Eisenhardt, Paola Alvarez Insua, Julio Brucco at Inox Ideas`s stand - BATEV FEMATEC / June 2017.