EISENHARDT | Construction

EISENHARDT | Saneamiento S.A. is a Construction and Recycler company, building and recycling since 1977. A remarkable career with over 1,000 completed civil and industrials works, applying treatments Pathology Concrete, Recycling , special anti-corrosion treatments and Integral Restorations.

We have provided our services to Mitsubishi Corp - Heavy Metal Division, Iron Isikawashima Works, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Impressit-SIDECO, Ciba-Geigy, Fabel Engineering, Citibank NA, Banco Patagonia, Deustsche Bank, Banco Santander Rio, Banco de Galicia , BBVA Banco Frances, Tornquist Bank, Chamber of Commerce of Buenos Aires between other companies and institutions.

Our Commitment is Your Property.

Experience and Quality fused to result into Excellence.

You can visit us our construction company at: www.eisenhardt.com.ar