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        EISENHARDT | Office Tribunales

Our office is located in Av. Cordoba 1406, 2nd floor, Buenos Aires

Sited in a prestigious area, this office is EISENHARDT`s property valued in usd 300,000.-, 2 blocks from Palace of Justice called `Tribunales` and 3 blocks from worldwide famous Theatre `Colon`.
The photo belongs to the building where our administrative and legal departments are sited.

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        EISENHARDT | Office Tower El Parque

Our office is sited in Av. Juan de Garay 701/739, Tower El Parque, floor 7ยบ P 2, Buenos Aires.
The photos belong to our administrative and commercial departments are.
Our Facilities

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        EISENHARDT | Recycling Scrap Yard San Nicolas

Our scrap yard is located in Patricia Peralta Ramos y 9 de Diciembre (C2717), Guerrico, San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. RN 188 (Av. Del Libertador 700).

Close access to San Nicolas port and National Routes.
This yard processes Ferrous and Non Ferrous scraps.

        EISENHARDT | Recycling Scrap Yard Mendoza

Our scrap yard is located in Jose Videla y Vicente Polimeni, MM C1, Las Heras, Mendoza (C5539) Argentina.
Close access with Chile and National Routes in Argentina.
This yard processes Ferrous, Non Ferrous and processes WEEE scraps.

        EISENHARDT | Recycling Scrap Yard Paraguay

Our scrap yard is located in Callejon 2 and Brasilia, Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay.
Close access with Paraguay River, Parana River and International Route RN9 Transchaco in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and SouthAmerica.
This yard processes HMS, Al scraps, Cu scraps, Pb scraps, stainless steel scraps and PET scraps.