scrap metals

Copper | Cu

EISENHARDT supplies copper scrap from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain.

Copper Granules

ISRI CODE:- CLOVE Copper Wire Granules shall consist of No 1 bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire Granules, from a chopping or shredding operation

Copper Rads

These are usually a combination of copper and brass. The copper is the "fins" of the radiator but the rest usually is brass. These are being less commonly used in modern vehicles as aluminium radiator technology seems to be taking over in cooling an engine. 

Insulated Copper Wire


Copper Stampings


Clean Copper Tubes - ISRI CODE:

This is usually copper pipe that has a "new appearance look" without any solder, paint or corrosion visible and no other foreign material. New copper pipe tarnished from just being old still may qualify. 

Dry Bright Copper Wire - ISRI CODE:

Expected to be clean and pure. It is free from tarnish or any other impurities that keeps it from being "bright and shiny" in appearance.