The following are our Trading Terms, the working scenarios operating with EISENHARDT:

1) End buyer (Processor / Steel foundry / End user-Importer). If you are an end buyer interested in one of our products, we require complete enquiry details with offered price, profile and corporate website.

2.1) Resellers / Intermediaries. We invite all resellers and intermediaries to introduce us end buyer and we will pay a reasonable commission if the company is not already our client. Amount to be defined deal per deal according with order amount. We need end buyer`s contact person and his corporate email. If they are not our client, we can deal via you and offers will be sent with CC to you.

2.2) Reseller / Intermediaries. In case you operate as an intermediary and you would like Eisenhardt to make the search-offer for the solicited product/s, receive commissions/overprice as the paymaster, sign documents with us, samples service, receive support and previous performance documents and periodic market information, it is necessary your registration as a member of EISENHARDT┬┤s Authorized Agents EAA Membership that is a paid service.

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