EISENHARDT informs to all our clients and commercial contacts our lawyer`s details for legal assistance.

Sarmiento 348 Piso 3°
(C1041AAH) - Capital Federal
Tel./Fax.: (011) 4342-1487 / 4342-0456 / 6088-9260
Email: legal@eisenhardt-trading.com

The following list has the intention to prevent serious companies. It includes companies and persons that has breached agreements with Eisenhardt or other ones that perform fraudulent and ilegal actitivities.

Lachhmidhar Kanshiram (L.K Group), Sri Enterprises, India
Ramachandran Ramakrishnan [ram@lkgroupindia.com]
141/142, B Wing, Mittal Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021, Maharashtra, India.
Phone: +91 22-22820202
Fax: +91 22-22833189
E-mail: ankit@Lkgroupindia.com Branch:
201, Yusuf Meher Ali Road, Mumbai 400003.
Puja Ferro Alloys Ltd.
L-4 Cuncolim Industrial Estate, Cuncolim, Salcette, Goa - 403703, India.
Phone: +91 22-22820202
Fax: +91 22-22833189
E-mail: info@Lkgroupindia.com
FAKE PLANT https://goo.gl/maps/JXbc14fs2vhPyjZY6

Pryce International Inc., Pryce International, Elmont, Jamaica, New York, USA
291 Lehrer Ave, Elmont, NY 11003, USA, Tel +1 516-216-1801, +1 718-276-3512 and Cel +1 347-262-1044
169-01 140TH AVE, Jamaica N.Y. 11434
skype ID: claudius.pryce
Linkedin ID: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudius-pryce-1a318a92
They also have a small bar called International Bar addressed at 102 First Avenue near 6th Street, New York City, NY 10009, Tel 1 212-777-1643

This `company` breached 2 agreements with EISENHARDT making us loose businesses opportunity in Uruguay on 2015.
Firstly they breached agreement arguing problems with his bank account and dissapeared without notice for several months.
We offered them via email different options to fullfill and they continue lying.
Doing deeper investigations, we were informed that Claudius Anthony Pryce, CEO, and his nephew, Rory Bartley, had legal and penal problems and jail due to ilegal marihuana trafic and laundering money in USA.
This company was introduced as his associate in USA by Erran Kobna Warden aka Erran Taylor from Bromley, UK with companies GoJuice Detox and London Elite Forum.

United States Court of Appeals,Fourth Circuit.
UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Rory BARTLEY, a/k/a Roy Bailey, Defendant-Appellant.
No. 98-4317. Decided: October 26, 2000Before WILKINSON, Chief Judge, and MICHAEL and MOTZ, Circuit Judges. ARGUED: ?Kevin B. Burgess, Hamilton, Burgess, Young & Pollard, P.L.L.C., Oak Hill, West Virginia, for Appellant. Louise Anna Crawford, Office of the United States Attorney, Charleston, West Virginia, for Appellee. ON BRIEF: ?Rebecca A. Betts, United States Attorney, John C. Parr, Assistant United States Attorney, Charleston, West Virginia, for Appellee.
Bartley's street dealers would distribute the marijuana and wire transfer the proceeds on Bartley's instruction, often to his uncle Claudius Pryce in New York. Bartley himself would also wire funds from his drug proceeds to various family members.
We also found bad review from our of their client about Pryce International on Google reviews. We ignore their legal status with the US Justice nowadays but we were suggested by our lawyer to stay away from these criminals.

Eusider SPA, Eusider group, Italy www.eusider.com
Breachers. They issued a Purchase Order for the purchase of 100MT of insulated copper wire scrap called Druids, invented lies and did not effect payment arguing excuses.
Unprofessional trader without business ethic and commercial capacity. We understand why they have so many bad reviews from their clients.
For this reason EISENHARDT does not sell to traders, they speculate, dont own funds and dont need material.

ART Metals Ltd./ PT Traders UK / Key Operators Ltd., Birmingham, U.K.
Anthony Richard Taylor / Pamela Taylor
Lack of quality of HMS material delivered and half-loaded containers at 50% during 2010. They also stole over USD 110,000 in deposits.

Momento Agencies Pvt. - SouthAfrica - James Deklerk
Scammer that offers non existing products at unreal prices. They tried to steal our end buyer.

Tariq International Inc, Pakistan
This is fraud broker that offers unreal products at low prices. They steal information to try to bypass with other company.

Skyintergroup skyintertrades skyintertrade, Vietnam and India.
Introduced by unprofessional broker Vladimir Nuss, Germany, this is a Fraud company, defamator that solicits ilegal over prices, offers unreal products and extorsive group.
Pedophile sick Sam Sahil Kapoor from skyintergroup refused to send notarized letter to remove fake reports he created and never inform his lawyer details. He even wrote that in Vietnam there are no notary publics when we asked legalized letter. They do not even has lawyer. Dangerous scammers.

Movilex Recycing group, Spain
Unprofessional fraud group of unserious businessmen that offers unreal materials and with financial problems managed by Luis Pipo Terramocha and

Heneken SRO, Heneken Melts Ltd., Slovakia
Fake buyer and aluminium producer. This company presented to us a buyer of aluminium and then their CEO, Michael Hudoba and Peter Sopuch, started defamations on Linkedin after we discovered they are a group of fraud. They dont have plant neither office. It is all scam, simply check their addresses.

Muhammad Shabir, Pakistan, Hong Kong, UAE , https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-shabir-29104a136/ , +886903742761, shabir7b@gmail.com

Alberto Sanchez Siverio, Spain

Mohammed Elsawy, Egypt

Claudia Lacroix and German Lacroix, Argentina

Alexander D. Powers, USA Colombia Cameroon Belize

Euro Engineering Services & Sister concern of “Raven Corporation”
(Engr. Md. Salauddin Mahmud Bhuiyan) , Passport No.: AF 4882656 , skype ID: bhuiyan_777
124, Sk. Mujib Road (2nd Floor), Chowmuhoni, Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Tel /Fax: +88 031 2521861, email/s: bhuiyan13@gmail.com, whatsapp ID: +88 01822 896344

Luis Andrade , Portugal, https://www.linkedin.com/in/luis-andrade-314b44116/

Alejandro Omar Labala Rulli, Quark Engineering SAS, CUIT 30-71579340-3, Saladillo, Argentina

Claudio Apolinario, Brazil

Vladimir Nuss, Germany

Sapu da Silva, Nextintertrade Inc, Canada

Apogee Capital, USA
Kevin Parrott, apogeeadvancedcapital.com , they offered unreal fuel and crude oils products.

Banah Sugar, USA
Sugar seller that claims to be manufacturer when they are not. We are informed about problems with the delivery and breached our working agreement.

Fake supplier that offered us the supply of agro and minerals products at unreal rates. This company is not www.bcg.com which is another company.

Besler Giva ve Kymia A.S. / Besler Foods - Turkey
We are informed by several clients that Besler supplies low quality food and oils under the international standards of qualifty. Besides the group did not respect Eisenhardt position as their worldwide representative. After 2 years of representation, Eisenhardt decided to end this relationship with this unethic and unprofessional group.

Corporacion Ecuatoriana de Aluminio S.A. - Ecuador
Lack of payment. They breached a supply contract of aluminium A6063 signed with Eisenhardt.

Dalian Tongmao Export&Import Co.,Ltd - China
They sent a fake glycerine SGS certificate forged by them.

David Amsellem - France
Broker that introduced us Pescus, Treville, Akar oil, fake Gazprom and other fake oil companies from Europe.

Dezhou Jinniu Chemical Co., Ltd. - China
They sent a fake glycerine SGS certificate forged by them.

Dominiom Energy Group LLC (DEG) - Charlie Varney Rick Schotts - USA
Fake supplier that offered us unexistent iron ore and coal from USA.

Dr. Oscar Manzur Salomon - Cordoba, Argentina
Scammer that stole Eisenhardt USD 14,576 in 9/9/2009 for the purchase of HMS. We are on court with this person to compensate his illicits actions.

Euroasia Madencilik A.S. - Turkey
They sent a fake iron ore SGS certificate forged by them.

Fundstar Creation Ltd. - Hong Kong
Kris Lei (HK). Fundstar claimed to be Wisco`s mandate and breached a supply contract with our brazilian iron ore mine.

Hamilton Franks - UK
Associated with INSCX.com and Comdaq.com they offered fake sources of fuels and crude oils. We are informed by other companies about their unreal offers and unethic business behaviour.

Hannalore Hoffman - USA
This broker breached the EAA Agreement so the EAA was cancelled.

Hany Agami - UAE
Scammer that offers non existing products at unreal prices. They tried to steal our end buyer.

Itec corporation - USA
Fake supplier that offers the supply of unreal sugar. Introduced by Ceneg France, Jose Defoumer.

Jedynka - Poland..
Breach of Contract for supply of 1M MT of soft milling wheat to Poland.

Jollof Impex Ltd - Mr. Muhamed Bah UK
They introduced us a Magnat fake supplier of fuel introduced and then they dissapeared.

JS neoplant Dr. Charles Kim - Korea www.jsneoplant.com
Fake supplier that offers the supply of crude degummed rapeseed oil and other products forging documents.
He uses alias Dr. Chem

Kingfish Union - New Zealand
Breached a supply contract of indo iron ore signed with Eisenhardt.

Network Host Inc. / Network Oceanlines Inc. / Network Scrap Metal Corporation - Samuel Miller - Florida, USA
Fraudulent operations based of false offers with forged documents and certificates.

Pescus - Poland
They offered us the fake supply of urea from Russia at low rates.

Rochdale - UK - http://www.rochdale-recycling.co.uk
Fake supplier that offered different type of scraps from unreal sources.

Rudo Albert - RSA
Broker that offers the supply of different commodities from fake sources.

SNBG Ltd. Mr. Ali - Hong Kong
This intermediary breached 2 times the EAA Agreement signed.

Sreekumar Shanmughan and Ahmad Almutawa - India
These brokers breached the EAA Agreement so the EAA was cancelled.

Tariq International Inc., Pakistan - Muhammed Tariq Zaher
Scammer that offers non existing products at unreal prices. They tried to steal our end buyer.

Treville - Turkey
Fake supplier of fuel and crude oils.

Triton Capital Bank - Joseph Miller - Cayman Islands / Miami
This person owned a investment capital bank sited in Cayman Islands. The bank was taken into bankrupt and the owner stole the creditors deposits before the bankrupt.

World Group / Kule Des Tiscaret - Turkey
Fake supplier that signed a supply Contract and never supply. They offer unexistent products.

We can show all the evidences that confirm our affirmations.


EISENHARDT hereby informs that on 31th March 2016, WIPO http://www.wipo.int, World Intellectual Property Organization, conceded us by OFFICIAL RESOLUTION that we were victim of extortion and defamation manipulated and origined by lawyer attorney Joshua Alan Kamens, Joshua A Kamens, Joshua Kamens, with addresses in 1609 Suters La NW, DC 20007 Washington, 100 West 57 Street 16F New York, New York 10019 and Venezuela using the email jkamens@pdcargo.com that belongs to a small venezuelan trading company named PD Cargo CA, registered in dangerous Venezuela.

We were informed that the unfundable, inactive and dissolved company on April 2012, Anndorll Corp., registered in NY as a DOMESTIC company, signed multimillonarie INTERNATIONAL contract for the purchase of used rails on 2006 with Eisenhardt Engineering and breached initial payments due of lack of funds arguing excuses. https://www.company-detail.com/company-anndorll-corp-2997663

Joshua Kamens did not act legally on 2006, even he is a lawyer, against Eisenhardt Engineering and Raul Alvarez Insua because Andorrll breached sale Contract and would loose any legal case.

Joshua Kamens is responsible and originator of the extortions and defamations of our good names and international trade mark worldwide on internet.

For unknown reasons without never having any previous contact with EISENHARDT Trading, Joshua Kamens decided to create defamations against Julian Insua, Vera Eisenhardt and EISENHARDT Trading that never had business with the domestic and dissolved company Anndorll.

Joshua Kamens also cowarly extorted us from the anonimate in order to try to obtain profits from his defamatory webs.

Joshua Kamens was invited to remove all defamatory fake posts that he has originated on internet about our good names using extorsive web/s but he ignored our friendly request, arguing he does not have the funds to pay those extorsive webs that require victims to pay large amounts of dollars in order to remove created fake posts, which is simply extortion, covered by a surprising still existing legal vacuum.

On November 2014, with his corporate email jkamens@pdcargo.com, Joshua Kamens created bad intentionally and cowardly anonymous 2 websites, eisenhardttrading.com and then eisenhardtradingdefraudedme.com , using our international trade mark and names without authorization and with the only criminal intentions of extortion and defamation.

After we contracted laywers, public notary, public translators and WIPO to solve this, WIPO forced godaddy.com server to disclose publisher name, we were informed that responsable person of these sick obsessed ilegal actions, bullying, commercial damage and moral torture was Joshua Alan Kamens, aka Joshua Kamens, incredibly a LAWYER sited in Washington, NY and Venezuela.

All proofs are published online worldwide and detailed at Case No. D2016-0069 http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/decisions/text/2016/d2016-0069.html

On July 29, 2015, Kamens did send an email to EISENHARDT in the following terms:

Below is an extract of WIPO Case No. D2016-0069:

``You should really buy this web domain from me. I get a lot of emails like this.

I won`t be so nice next time.``

These threating words does not look to belong to an ethic lawyer.

``F. Registered and Used in Bad Faith

Under the third requirement of the Policy, the Complainant must establish that the disputed domain name has been both registered and used in bad faith by the Respondent: see e.g. Burn World-Wide, Ltd. d/b/a BGT Partners v. Banta Global Turnkey Ltd, WIPO Case No. D2010-0470.

Generally speaking, a finding that a domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith requires an inference to be drawn that the respondent in question has registered and is using the disputed domain name to take advantage of its significance as a trademark owned by (usually) the complainant.

Like the first disputed domain name, the second disputed domain name was clearly registered with knowledge of the Complainant and his trademark. While ostensibly seeking to be a legitimate criticism site, the circumstances of the registration of the second disputed domain name show that it was registered and is being used as a continuation of the policy which motivated the registration and use of the first disputed domain name. Whatever may be the merits of the contractual dispute between the parties, the email from the Respondent sent to the Complainant on July 29, 2015 reveals a very different motivation behind the registration and use of the first disputed domain name and, consequently, the second disputed domain name. That use and, by inference the purpose of the registrations, was not in good faith under the Policy.``

``6. Decision. For the foregoing reasons, in accordance with paragraphs 4(i) of the Policy and 15 of the Rules, the Panel orders that the disputed domain names, eisenhardttrading.com and eisenhardttradingdefraudedme.com, be transferred to the Complainant.``


Please be informed that there are posted on internet FALSE BAD FAITH defamations about our good names published on criminal extorsive webs http://www.ripoffreport.com , http://www.pissedconsumer.com and http://www.yscam.com. These extorsive webs are shielded under a legal void detailed below.

They do not care about consumer satisfaction at all, they care about obtaining funds from companies, institutions, organisms and persons falsely reported in those webs by anonymous.

Google, Yahoo and Bing companies are co-responsible of this for promotion of defamation worldwide, under Section 230 of the Communications Decent Act effectively shields Google (and all websites) from any repercussions of showing defamatory reviews at a Federal Level. Via our lawyers, Eisenhardt formally proved them who we are and the false contents of defamatory posts and they refused to remove them based on Section 230 of the Communications Decent Act effectively shields Google (and all websites) from any repercussions of showing defamatory reviews at a Federal Level.

Both extorsive webs took and take advantage and economic profit of a legal void since 1998 started on US Justice, Virigina Court, starting on 5th December 2017.

They are also responsible of recreation of fake posts to increase and maximize the damages. This is damaging thousands of innocent and ethic businesswomen and businessmen, seeking funds incomed from performed extorsions.

Ed Magedson, Ripoff Report, Darren Meade, and others have been sued for USD$60,000,000 http://drjaniceduffy.com/2017/05/ed-magedson-ripoff-report-darren-meade-sued-for-60-million . The trial is set down to commence 5 December 2017 in Virginia, USA. This is NOT a section 230 CDA lawsuit. It was filed by a US plastic surgeon and army colonel who was the target of a sustained and vicious reputation assassination attack by Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report and his paid writer and self described Reputation Assassin, Darren M Meade. See details here http://drjaniceduffy.com/

Both extorsive websites are already informed by us about bad faith defamatory false content on the posts and based on this we solicited, since beginning, its permanent removement. To our surprise, both extorisve websites demand BIG SUMS OF MONEY TO REMOVE THE FAKE POSTS even they stay on their webs they do not do that. They also create new fake posts to maximize the damages. This is called EXTORSION, BAD FAITH and ORGANIZED CRIME anywhere.

In the following link you can read about some of the proofs exposed by us at https://eisenhardt-trading.com/Skyintertrades%20_%20Skyintertrade%20Vietnam.html about scammer Sam Kapoor from Skyintergroup / Skyintertrades / Skyintertrade Vietnam.

FALSE BAD FAITH defamations from UNREAL persons, companies and facts must be deleted by Law to avoid bullying. Otherwise the Free of Speach right is being wrongly and intentionally applied for commercial and economic purposes because it is required to pay them for an arbitror or a lawyer in USA in order to get, after all a legal process, a Court Letter for the permanent removals, when all these facts are FALSE and BAD FAITH, posted by UNREAL companies and persons.

* Lawsuit for USD 60 M http://drjaniceduffy.com/2017/05/ed-magedson-ripoff-report-darren-meade-sued-for-60-million

* About Ripoff Report`s criminal extortions, details on Wikipedia https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripoff_Report

* Negative clients image https://www.consumeraffairs.com/online/ripoffreport.html

* Negative clients image https://www.consumeraffairs.com/online/pissedconsumer.html

* Exposed on Fox 7 News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmhGLYHBbj8

* Ripoffreport exposed on Fox News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKEounexll0

* ABC News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whhyl9SWG_E

* Extortion exposed / Legal Case at San Francisco Court, USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAsMhRS2-3k&t=72s

* Google ban https://ripoffreportscam.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/google-blocks-ripoffreport-com-for-having-unacceptable-business-practices/

* Ed Magedson, founder of Ripoffreport.com, exposed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB_Omz8-p3w

* Proofs exposed https://ripoffreportscam.wordpress.com/

* Ripoff Report victims united http://ripoffreport-victims-unite.org

* Extortion process http://drjaniceduffy.com/ripoff-report/

* Internet abusement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hjdopsyXOY

The authors of these posts has been reported to their respective Goverment authorities, Police Department, FBI and ICC Paris.


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In order to contact us, we have placed at your disposal the different contact methods detailed at the start of this legal notice. All notifications and communications between user and provider will be considered effective for all purposes when carried out via any of the detailed contact methods.

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